Spring books I am reading: May-June

The weather is warm now and the sun is shining! It appears all of the city is blooming after many months of cold weather and snow. I love being outside right now before it gets too hot, but need something to do to keep me busy while out on my balcony or heading to the park (besides just snacking)! I went to my local thrift store and browsed their used book section. I started in fiction and moved my way over to books about animals and nature.

Above is the start of my reading for spring. I finished The Dogs of Babel and Homer’s Odyssey already (Homer’s Odyssey has been my favorite so far) and am in the middle of Wesley the Owl (pretty good so far and I’ve learned a good amount about barn owl behavior).

I also picked up this gardening book because in all honesty, I was looking for a pretty floral coffee table book and loved this cover. Flipping through it I discovered I actually really enjoy it!

Back to the books above, I have found I love reading about amazing relationships between animals and people, and seeing how it develops over the years. I love my cat Lulu so much and have a strong bond with her, so to read about others with similar compassion , love and care for animals and pets makes me happy. The Dogs of Babel is a fictional story and not entirely focused on the dog/ owner relationship, but on solving the husband’s wife’s death mystery. I did like that the husband and wife loved their dog, but I wont give away the story for you!

Do you want tp see more book recommendations and what I am reading posts like this? Let me know here in the comments or on my Instagram: @gabievossler

I’d love to hear your touching stories about animal book recommendations as well!

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